Ruben Mesado Estrada von mes music // ekcentrik hat am 25.10.2013 das Konzert von HITSVILLE MA im Mannheimer BLAU aufgenommen, das im Rahmen des NACHTWANDELS 2013 präsentiert wurde.

R&B straight outta the garage into the bar… bringin’ that Boogaloo Gospel to the Boom-Boom Room! Mannheim in the winter is a cold, dark, dirty place. A place where people drink hard, and then drink harder. A place where folks gather every weekend in the Jungbusch part of town to flip, flop, and fly to all the platters that matter.
At one of these weekly shindigs, after many a beer (and even more rounds of Mexikaner), three recordslingers decided to get their mojo workin’ and start a band. Can I stop right now and get an AMEN?
From their secret headquarters deep beneath the Blau, the trio hammered away at their instruments like drunken monkeys, until a primitive sort of r&b started to emerge. Everybody say YEAH!


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